Our Work

Solutions for Self-Renewal

1776 Unites is committed to community engagement and civic renewal. We identify groups and individuals with proven track records for local, solutions-based social engagement and provide them with further resources and training. We support grassroots leaders who help to heal our nation, one neighborhood at a time, and ensure that we leave our children a rich inheritance they can be proud of and continue to build on. Their efforts not only provide what’s needed for today, but help to build networks of resilience and self-renewal that help build the prosperity, character, and virtue necessary for America’s democratic way of life to function and flourish.

Because nobody knows better what our communities need than those who actually live and work there, we are committed to providing resources, knowledge, and spiritual support for all those striving to revive and restore opportunities for the most vulnerable among us. Over 90 percent of our funds go to these local activists, organizers, and philanthropists to help ensure the success of their efforts.

Who We Support:

  • The Piney Woods School; Piney Woods, Mississippi
  • Dunbar Vocational High School; Chicago, IL
  • Alliance of Concerned Men; Washington, D.C.
  • Hope for Prisoners; Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Braver Angels; USA

Spotlight: Hope for Prisoners

Recent recipient of a $10,000 Woodson Center grant, Hope for Prisoners assists with reentry by providing the formerly incarcerated long-term support and services as they work to reclaim their lives,  families and standing in the community. This program changes lives.

It began when founder and 1776 Unites partner Jon Ponder found himself returning to his community after spending time in prison and experienced firsthand the same challenges most face when they are released. He realized there was a lack of long-term support and guidance for those who learned from their mistakes and had a genuine desire to change the direction of their lives. From his personal experience and his passion to help those facing the same challenges he overcame, Hope for Prisoners was born.

The success of their clients is the result of their long-term commitment and relationship with their mentors. What makes Hope for Prisoners different from other organizations is its partnership with local law enforcement. This helps clients to understand the role of law enforcement in the community, and helps clients to overcome their fear of police, build respect for law enforcement, and create trust in themselves.