Making the Case for Empowering Curriculum

Whether your school is public or private, there are several ways that you can encourage your local school leaders to include more empowering curricula that teaches children the values of resilience and personal responsibility to help them overcome adversity. 

First, prepare to put your best foot forward in your effort to include our inspiring materials in your school’s curricula by watching our “best practices” video below, featuring our Senior Advisor Ian Rowe, who has testified before multiple state boards of education:  

Next, download our 1776 Unites / Woodson Center curriculum for both high-school students, and, coming soon, K-8. Once you see our empowering lessons and share them with your school’s teachers and administrators, there is no doubt that you will be able to incorporate these historically accurate lessons into your community’s curriculum. 

Please stay in touch and keep getting new curriculum and lesson plans by joining our 1776 Unites Educates list here:

Be sure to read our open letter on the now infamous National School Board Association, and our FAQ about our curricula. 

Have more questions? Download our one-pager on the 1776 Unites curriculum!

Or consider taking the easy step of dropping off empowering and accurate literature at your local library and school, which may not be stocking these great works! You can visit the 1776 Unites library to get ideas — this idea has worked great for many of our staff and supporters. 

Finally, if you’re looking for more empowering reads, check out our library for book options.