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1776 Unites is a movement of ordinary Americans working together for the common good. Our work is built on the friendship, participation, and support of people from all walks of life—people just like you, who love this country and want to see it make good on its most sacred promises.

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Our movement is committed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your contributions help advance those principles by supporting our grassroots organizers, public intellectuals, and curriculum development. Please make a tax-deductible donation here.

LIFE: Our Community Affiliate Network members are the lifeblood of their communities, helping to intervene against violence and sow the seeds of peace and prosperity. Your contribution helps fund those who are healing their cities and neighborhoods, and widens the reach and impact of our network.

LIBERTY: Our way of life depends upon the free exchange of ideas, and our movement promotes the voices of thinkers that are too often unheard, especially black Americans who — despite the flaws of our country — still hold the truths of America to be self-evident! Your contribution helps promote the work of our writers and scholars, featured on this site and in media across all platforms and political perspectives.

HAPPINESS: All Americans are called to pursue excellence, innovation, and service. That journey begins with an education that emphasizes character development and values that lead to success — grounded in truthful, inspiring visions of our history that include stories of black resilience and lessons for our shared future together. Your contribution helps us to develop a cutting-edge K-12 curriculum that provides an alternative to the indoctrination and learned helplessness that too many of our students are hearing in the classroom.

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There’s no better way to spread the word about 1776 Unites than by sharing the work of our activists and scholars with your family, friends, and community through social media. You will find links to our social platforms here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! Please follow and tag us @1776Unites, and use the hashtag #1776Unites when posting!

Our partners have a voice that needs to be heard across the country and at all levels of power. Business leaders, philanthropists, and ordinary Americans want to invest in projects that offer real alternatives to the rising tide of groupthink and grievance and will make a measurable difference in people’s lives; you can help them find 1776 Unites and its demonstrated impact.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

  • If you are an academic or scholar who is interested in joining our network, please send your CV and a letter of inquiry to
  • If you are an educator, parent, grandparent or community leader looking for academic resources, please click here.
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  • Please send all other questions, suggestions, and comments to

We are building an organization that can restore sanity, patriotism, and excellence to ALL of America. Please keep checking back!