Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy gives top marks to the 1776 Unites curriculum!

We’re pleased to announce that our 1776 Unites curriculum has received top scores from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy! The evaluation measures for critical thinking, diversity of perspectives, strength of coverage, and coherency; it also measures the knowledge a curriculum reinforces in students, and maps which topics are covered fully, sparsely, or are excluded. View the full report here.

The same evaluation performed on the 1619 Project concluded that “there simply aren’t enough materials to occupy even one grade of instruction” as well as “a concurrent weakness, namely the unit’s lack of dissenting or even affiliate voices.” They described the 1619 Project as “monistic.” That is some contrast with our curriculum!

If you are a parent of a student, review our materials here and encourage your school social studies teachers and administrators to adapt our curriculum!