About Wilfred Reilly

Wilfred Reilly is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, a historically black institution. He also teaches courses in the college’s Intelligence minor, including Cyber-Security and Counter-Terrorism. Dr. Reilly is the author, most recently, of the books Hate Crime Hoax and Taboo: Ten Facts You Can’t Talk About. His writing has appeared in publications including Commentary, Quillette, USA Today, the Washington Times, and scholarly journals such as Academic Questions, in addition to being cited by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (dissenting report).

Dr. Reilly’s academic research interests include international relations, American race relations, the positive and negative impacts of diversity on societies, and the use of modern empirical methods to test “sacred cow” theories. His non-academic interests include cooking, basketball, shooting and archery, and dogs.

Essays by Wilfred Reilly: