About Robert Bracy

President and CEO of Pinnacle Business Management, Inc. Robert Bracy is an accounting and business management pioneer with 30 years of success creating personal wealth strategies for artists and entertainers with a focus on maximizing revenues, ensuring compliance, and building long-term, sustainable wealth.

Mr. Bracy has a talent for leveraging operational strategies with an entrepreneurial mindset to improve production efficiency, develop global talent, and deliver international projects, productions and events with minimal risk, 100% compliance, and the highest level of revenue attainable. 

Mr. Bracy’s expertise in financial accounting is strengthened by intellectual curiosity and forged in real-world experience, providing realistic financial, tax, and accounting solutions for corporations, artists, producers, entertainers, and high-net-worth executives. He built a mid-size accounting firm with two employees into a national business management and accounting organization specializing in business management services.

He currently oversees an organization of account managers, senior accountants, and CPAs with clients recognized as some of the best artists, entertainers, and professional athletes in the industry.