About Pastor Paul and Cindy Grodell

Located in Elyria, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Grodell’s Beyond the Wall Church spreads Christ’s Gospel of peace, liberty, and truth to “those who are hurting and in need".

Since 2008, opioid overdoses annually killed Ohioans at a rate that exceeded the national average. Paul and Cindy, who personally experienced drug addiction’s contorting force on the soul, believe that Christ, not statistics and abstractions, will free the oppressed and heal the broken-hearted.

What Paul and Cindy offer Ohioans has transformed lives and revitalized communities --and they have the results to prove it. Graduates of Cross Study Center and ordained as ministers through the Assemblies of God International Fellowship, Mr. and Mrs. Grodell broke the mold of traditional churches by assembling a culturally diverse congregation of individuals from all walks of life and spreading their ministry outside the walls of the sanctuary to care for people within their community. It is, they believe, a duty to which all followers of Jesus Christ should commit.

In the words of Mr. and Mrs. Grodell, “Church isn’t meant to be locked in a building. It’s meant to go beyond the walls to where the people are. People who desperately need to know there’s someone out there who loves them and accepts them as they are.”