About Toni Mcilwain

Antonette “Toni” McIlwain is the founder of McIlwain Consulting Services LLC. She created in Detroit, Michigan community revitalizing programs that provided family counseling, guidance to at-risk youth, neighborhood improvements, block club development, and help in crafting economic strategies for uplifting Detroit residents and communities.

Toni’s efforts to bridge relationships between law enforcement and troubled neighborhoods contributed to reducing crime rates in the Detroit area. And she has led or served on several task forces at state and local government agencies that were tasked to effectuate positive change for people of all races and backgrounds.

In 1990, Toni received from President George H.W. Bush the 107th Point of Light Award to commend her role in developing a total community on the eastside of Detroit, where many single mothers were struggling to raise their families. Also, Toni became in 1993 the first Michigan resident to receive the Achievement Against the Odds Award from the Woodson Center in Washington, D.C. The award was presented to her by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp.

Throughout her career, Toni has received hundreds of local and national recognitions of service and praised for her displaying her exceptional public speaking skills in the halls of Fortune 500 companies. She recently released her new book Stuck…but Loving It!