Beth Feeley

“Several years ago, I picked up the phone to call Bob Woodson.  I knew of him; he did not know me.  But he took

“Several years ago, I picked up the phone to call Bob Woodson.  I knew of him; he did not know me.  But he took my call and that phone call would change my life.  I had called Bob to ask if would speak at my child’s school where they had planned a troubling day-long event centered around a grievance-oriented, hopeless view of race and our country.  It needed a voice like Bob’s and his experience from nearly 40 years of revitalizing communities based on the principles of individual agency and local empowerment.”

That call marked the beginning of my relationship with The Woodson Center and is why I contributed to the formation of 1776, a platform for voices who believe that resilience – not grievance – is the defining characteristic of America and is the key to advancing our country towards Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of being a place where people are judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.  

Throughout our history are inspiring stories of overcoming the odds and these stories are still happening in neighborhoods across the country today.  It is a privilege to serve alongside the brilliant voices of 1776 and share these stories with the country.” 

Beth Feeley is a freelance writer and editor for various non-profit organizations, including The Woodson Center, serving as launch director for its “1776” effort. Previously, Beth worked in consulting and public relations for Hill and Knowlton and Arthur Andersen for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and as Editor at The Policy Circle, a grassroots network of 300 women’s policy discussion groups in 40 states across the country and of which Beth is a founding member. Her work has been published in National Review Online and The Federalist.

Beth also runs a local civic organization, New Trier Neighbors, which promotes common sense policies in local government.

Beth lives in the north suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. She is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio (B.A.) and Northwestern University (M.S.).