Welcome to the 1776 blog! We are glad to have you join us on this journey as we lift up and affirm our

Welcome to the 1776 blog! We are glad to have you join us on this journey as we lift up and affirm our country’s true origin and its authentic founding values and virtues. We offer an aspirational and inspirational take on America’s history, debunking the misguided argument that the present-day problems of black Americans are caused by the injustices of past failures, such as slavery. Let’s bury that tired, harmful victimhood mentality once and for all.

Robert Woodson

Why define America by its failures? Here we highlight victories in the face of oppression and amplify the discussion around solutions to disparities and injustices of the present day. 1776 has enlisted a group of independent thinkers and social activists to counter the political left’s attempts to promote black victimhood through The New York Times’ much-hyped 1619 Project. The initiative attempts to recast American history as a story of slavery, oppression, and incurable racism. That’s a dangerous message.

You may have seen our kickoff at The National Press Club in February. We were joined by scholars such as Coleman Hughes, Clarence Page, Robert Cherry, and Glenn Loury. That same day, the Washington Examiner ran a 1776 Symposium that featured essays our scholars wrote to fire the first shots in the war to reclaim America from the cadre of ‘woke’ intellectuals and propagandists using The 1619 Project to undermine people of color’s faith in our history and way of life.

Mark Levin Show

1776 has attracted other national media attention as well. Mark Levin hosted Bob Woodson on his show, Life, Liberty, and Levin. The Armstrong Williams Show invited Bob to participate in a panel discussion of 1776 and the danger of propagating narratives of victimhood in black communities. And The Epoch Times recently aired on their program American Thought Leaders a forty-minute interview of Bob discussing 1776’s goals and aspirations.

1776 is already sparking a competition of ideas and approaches. We aim to mobilize ordinary Americans–black, white, brown, and red– to speak up and advocate the principles of America in our schools and communities. We will explore stories of truth, perseverance, and triumph that acknowledge America’s failures yet celebrate her enduring promise. You will see some of those stories on this blog.
What else would you like to see? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please contact, question, and explore with us. Glad to have you on board!